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Can I network a pc to FSX:SE


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If it were to come to it, I'd put add-ons like ORBX REX on the notebook, and network them together, and fly on Steam.


Can that be done on the FSX:SE environemnt? Which platform is preferred for a setup like that Mac or PC? And finally, once they have been networked, can it be removed from the network (so, I could take the notebook with me, if necessary.)


Thanks in advance,




Does that make sense? (if not, let me know)

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You can run SOME programs on a network machine. But none of the core sim. REX is the textures that FSX uses so they have to be on the FSX machine. I run ActiveSky on a networked computer. You can also run programs like Aivlasoft EFB and moving-map programs. But they have to be specifically written to work in a networked environment.




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If I understand things like REX, there is an application with lots of textures etc that can replace default textures. Apps like this should not need to be installed "in" FSX/P3D. Once you've selected the textures you want, I think you should be done with the app.


Orbx, on the other hand, is coded to install into an Orbx folder inside the FSX folder structure and you do not have the option to put the program elsewhere. That being said, there is such a thing in Windows as Symbolic Links that will allow you to place a link in FSX that points to another physical location where the actual files reside. I see no reason these could not be on another system in your network (mine was on a separate physical HDD). At the time I set this up on my previous system it was NOT 'approved' by the Orbx folks but I had no issues with the setup at all. You could certainly try it with the first Orbx files being installed and if it works, fine - keep going. If it doesn't, then you'd have to install with the actual files in the expected location.


In the same vein, I've had most of my sceneries, Traffic files, and addon aircraft on other HDD's for years and never had any issues.


After you read up on symbolic links you can use this little app to simplify creating a link




Good luck.


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