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Bought New Laptop After One Month Absence Away From FSX Flying


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Shalom and greetings all my pals,


I have not been flying on FSX for almost a month because my current 4 or 5 year old laptop's FSX Deluxe with SP1 and SP2 is no longer working due to some stupid D3D11.DLL error and there is something screwed up in Windows 7 in my four or five year old laptop which is working fine and very fast in all other softwares. FSX and IE are the only things that are not working in my laptop that passed all scan tests and diagnostic tests with flying colors meaning that there is something wrong with some Windows files that prevent FSX and IE from operating. Thank God for Firefox and Chrome!! There is nothing wrong with my old laptop that is in mint condition doing superb job in all aspects of computing operations and all softwares in blazing speed manner with excellent low memory usage thanks to plenty 16 GB ram.


I bought new computer. It is 2.6-3.5 GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-Core Skylake sixth generation, 16GB ram, 6 GB dedicated Nivida GT1080 video ram, 1 TB hard drive at 7,200 rpm, 260 GB SSD hard drive, internal DVD drive, and 15.6 inch screen. Will take me quite time to install FSX and all add-ons!!


So I will spend next 2 or 3 weeks modifying my new laptop to meet my specific needs and then re-installing all application softwares such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc etc etc. And then re-installing FSX with SP1 and SP2, Squawkbox 4, fruip (spelling), FSCARS, freeware add-ons, and payware add-ons.


So the timetable for returning to active duty of FSX flying is probably in 2 or 3 weeks depending how fast I can work on getting my new laptop ready with all modifications and installations which can be headache for me.


Installing Norton Internet Security

Installing Firefox

Installing Paint Shop Photo Professional X4 Ultimate

Installing Photoshop CS 5.1

Installing Jpegcrops

Installing Image Resizer 4

Installing WinRAR

Installing Microsoft Office Professional

Installing FSX

Installing SP1 and SP2

Installing BluePrint Stimulation KIAD and TJSJ sceneries

Installing FlyTampa TNCM (could be problem as I lost installation serial code)

Installing FlyTampa CYUL Montreal

Installing FlyTampa KTPA Tampa

Installing France VFR Antilles Collection (could be problem as I lost insallation serial code)

Installing FSCARS

Installing Sqwkbox 4.0

Installing FSCIPP

Next step is installing 50 GB worth of freeware add-on planes by POSKY, Overland, IDGF, Project Airbus, Vistaliners, Project Fokker, Skyspirit 2010, Skyspirit 2011, Skyspirit 2012, and many freeware aircraft companies including CalClassics propeller ones by Jahn

Installing Tropical Sims MVPB, TNCC, TNCA, TNCB, and few Caribbean airport sceneries

Installing SimGiants Gran Canania

Installing UK2000's Edinburgh Ulitimate, London City X Ultimate, and Heathrow X Ultimate

Installing Sunjet KPHL Philadelphia

Installing CYQB Quebec City

Installing CYVJ Victoria

Installing World of AI and many airline packages

Installing all freeware airports in my native country Israel

Installing Captain Sims 727-100/200/200F, 757-200, 757-300, 757-200F, and all versions of C-130

Installing Caribbean Sea Planes and Caribbean Sea Planes West

Installing many many many freeware airport sceneries.

Installing Aerosoft Maldives X, Gibraltar X and Anchorage X sceneries

Installing all Taxi2Gate Caribbean airports and KMCO sceneries

Installing Drzewiecki Design KLGA scenery

Installing Latin VFR KSAN Diego airport, KMIA Miami airport, TTPP, TTCP, and MKJS sceneries

Installing Vitaria C-17 Globemaster and Vulcan bomber

Installing Area51 C-5 Galaxy

Installing some PacSim payware airport sceneries


Plan to buy:


Aerosoft Fairbanks X, Aerosoft Olso X, Aerosoft Helsinki airports (maybe LLBG scenery if system requirements are reasonable)

Taxi2gate KSEA Seattle airport

Oxyb PAJN Juneau and PAKT Ketchian airports



Too much work for me!!!!






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I'm from Israel too :)


Try removing the KB2670838 Windows Update.


I researched the same problem you have some time ago, and found that this particular update causes D3D11.dll Crashes-To-Desktop.


Interestingly enough, that same update is an IE update.


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Seems a bit over the top to replace what sounds like quite an expensive laptop, if he couldn't fix it himself I am sure a computer repair shop could have for a small charge compared to the cost of a new one.


Well I got it in sale price at 400 bucks off and I doubt any computer repair shop would know how to fix it. It is programming problem which requires ULTRA advanced programming skills that you will not find in any computer repair shop. The only way to fix it is to fly to Seattle to offices of Microsoft and tell their programming genuises to fix the programming problem to get FSX and IE working.


It is 5 year old laptop anyway and I intend to continue using it for all purposes except flying on FSX because it is still blazing fast.






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WD Elements back up 1TB pocket size drive is AWESOME. It averages 45 seconds per 1 GB of transfer of files from old laptop to this backup drive so that I can put into new laptop.


Look at 75 GB worth of add on planes WHOA I am afraid to find out how much GB worth for airport sceneries needed to be transferred!!


God help me!!








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Good morning good morning to all of you my pals. Two days after the purchase of my new laptop, I finally opened the package and unpacked the laptop, plugging it into A/C, and turned it on only to experience most bizarre thing I have seen in computing world!!!





In past years, whenever I bought new laptops or computers for myself or for my mom or for offices for my bosses, I always completed registrations of new computers or new laptops by two methods: old fashioned snail mailing of registration paperwork by post office which was common years ago or online registration of new items which is common in present day.





However, this time regarding my new laptop during online registration, the registration process demanded photocopy of store receipt for proof of purchase of new laptop!!! FIRST TIME in my life I ever seen registration process of new computing item that requires photocopy of store receipt as proof of purchase!!







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