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Centurian Pics from a legacy FS9 user


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I am truly humbled. Thanks to all for the kind and encouraging words. I may just have to post more often :)

Peer, old friend - wasn't sure you'd remember me!


darrenvox: The Centurian is Carenado's, and the Supercub is a "private" payware, to the author...I'd have to look for his name in the files library. Only purchased it recently, and was very happy the author was still around after many years post-release of the plane. If I recall, it was $7 US., which includes a couple of variations of the plane.

I hope my facts are correct on the Piper?


Best to all,


Neil :cool:

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Nothing really changed QBall :), Carlos became an FB friend and is still flying , Dave is an FB friend also, and he's married with a beautiful Lady, Leo is a flight instructor in Nw Zealand and also an FB friend, Mike is still posting here. Oh , and I still get wet feet on a regular base.....;) :rolleyes:
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