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Location of Dynamic VC Gauge Textures?


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So let me start off by saying that I understand that any VC textures / gauges called in the panel.cfg with the '$' it means the texture is created in memory..


My question is.. Is there anyway to access that memory location? does it create a temporary file output anywhere? I'm asking because I'd love to essentially take a dynamically drawn gauge and have it on a second monitor WITHOUT the use of a dedicated display port from my video card.. (e.g. taking the bitmap in memory and serializing it and sending it to a screen via SPI)


I've created a couple gauges like this already, but using offsets from fsuipc to send gauge values to a program that essentially recreates the gauge in code that an SPI lcd screen understands..




Where this would really shine is if I could export (or even just know the location, whether in memory addresses, or directory) something like the GPS screen.. If I do it the hard way I'd essentially have to recreate the GPS gauge outside of the FSX environment.. If I could just get access to the texture in memory, I could easily just convert the bitmap to serial data and send that to the screen no problemo..


If anyone could help to, or provide any insight, It would be greatly appreciated!


p.s. my next steps may be learning how to create custom gauges in FSX as it may shed some insight into creating a custom gauge and having it displayed in the VC environment!




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Honestly, the absolute best place to get an answer to this specific question would be at FS Developer, where the author of WebSimConnect frequents:



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