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Area 51 C-5 - EPR gauge


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I've had to adjust the fuel_flow_scalar value in Area 51's C-5 to get it anywhere close to its actual maximum range, but it's resulted in the EPR gauge dropping below 0.5 at cruise altitude, off the scale. I expect a true fix would require altering its .air file. Has anyone had to correct jet engine EPR? Otherwise, it flies great, as it should, all other gauges working well. Big is beautiful! :D



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Oops, I made the classic mistake of reading max range in miles from my online reference, instead of knots. Time to re-do. Maybe the Area 51 FRED* range is more accurate than I thought. :confused:


The C-5 is often referred to as "FRED": Foolishly Ridiculous Economic/Environmental Disaster


Substitute appropriate F-word in the name as desired.

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