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TBM850 - Carenado vs. Wilco


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Hello. I have always liked this aircraft. Very powerful and fast. Now it looks liker there are two options. From past experience Carenado products are normally very good. Never had any Wilco planes but everyone says "stay away!"

Looking at specs and some reviews it looks like in this case Wilco is better. Apparently better modeled systems. Caranado left VNAV out of G1000 - serious flaw.


I am looking for a good bug-free plane with well modeled systems and flight performance rather than an eye candy. Can anyone make a recommendation?


Also, if anyone could confirm ifs the Wilco works on Steam Edition I'd be grateful.



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Didn't you recently install the Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0? I don't understand why you're even looking for another aircraft? I installed it about the same time you posted about it and I can't leave it alone! I've got all the latest Carenado goodies but I'm afraid they're all gathering dust at the moment, lol. Is it something you've had a long time and pretty much have it all figured out? Have you done all the things the CX 2.0 is capable of? ...SIDs, STARs, approaches, VNAV, DTO, custom holds, etc? ...520 kts TAS? :)
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...would be nice to fly a cool single prop sometimes for a change


Yeah I suppose, I spent a couple months flying the JetProp/GTN750 myself and loved it. I thought about trying the TBM on the last X-mas sale but the 8-acre glass displays scared the FPS right outta me! Let us know how it goes. :)

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I personally tried both and I believe that Carenado did a better job with their TBM. Here is why:


1. On my system Carenado eats up less FPS than the Wilco.

2. Carenado has better interior with lots of detail.

3. I have a GTN750 installed in the middle display on Carenado (Not sure if Wilco facilitates that).

4. High Quality Sounds present in both aircraft however the tones suit me more in the Carenado (Totally personal preference).


Here is what I think Wilco did better:

1.More compartments can be open (Very important for flying :) ).

2. Landings feel more realistic however the crosswind seems to have less effect on the Wilco, in Carenado landings sometimes are challenging.

3. Slightly better AutoPilot, it handles sharp turns better, the Carenado sometimes can overshoot a waypoint on sharp turns.


Hope that helps




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