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Running shared cockpit over the same PC


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Hello Simmers!


I would like to know if it is possible to run a shared cockpit over the same PC. My plan is to have a row of monitors, one set for the captain and another for the co-pilot. I will use my homemade track ir for both my co-pilot and myself (captain) so we can easily look around the cockpit from our set of monitors.


In terms of controls, the caption on the left will be controlling the aircraft and the copilot will be completing checklist and other things in terms of pressing buttons and clicking switches.


Is all this possible? I have been looking at various software such as FSUIPC and WidewieW, but I would like this job to be as cheap as it could get (not compromising with quality, of course!)


Any help and suggestions appreciated!

Happy simming!


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You can get close without anything at all.

Just open a 2D panel.

Click it, and from the menu bar select "undock view"

And from menu bar select Right seat to make it copilot view.

Then drag it to another screen,


You will have o fly in Windowed mode to do that.

There may also be a limit on the number of screens.


Thing is, only one monitor can be active display. to use the copilots view it will need to be clicked.

Difficulty is: You would both like to use a separate mouse. And two mice, on the same pc, may be a problem. If it is even possible you would need to communicate well to pull that off. "I have control" kind of thing.




Another option perhaps:

I used to do online flying. Thre you could share a cockpit too.

One person flying his 737 for example,

The other person, halfway around the world, logged into the same online flying server, sharing your Cockpit (with permission only, password.

Usually we agreed to touch no buttons and switches, except for the brake on landing.

Reason for that was there was a delay in clicking, and communicating online. So button presses could not be clearly communicated. (Teamspeak/Mumble). With a copilot pressing buttons without you knowing when it happened fling would go very wrong very fast.


To do it this way you need your main PC with FSX,

and a second pc, with fsx installed as well,

and a third pc set up as your own private server.

(You may be able to use one of the main pc's as the server instead. But the server only runs if that pc is doing an fsx session I think. So if you would crash the plane on that pc, the session is terminated.)(Not 100% sure on that. But I think that's how it works. Because the guy running the server I flew on, just left his plane parked at the airport, with crash detect off. He did his flying using a second computer.)


Lot's of if, ands, and buts there.


I started of by saying "It may be possible to.."

Why? Well, when I did online flying "Gamespy" was still up as well. It's possible that the "Shared Cockpit" thing was exclusive to gamespy. And that Microsoft organised online system is long gone.



Now that I say that. THere is a substitute for gamespy. Online flying by Dovetail for FSX-Steam Edition. It may be possible to use that and share a cockpit.

(Again both pc's required to have Steam fsx installed.)


That way of sharing will not work with one PC. Simply because you will need to have to installs of fsx, running at the same time, to do it. And that won't work on one pc.




Happy flights!


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The idea of having two PCs sounds good, but the fact is, I only have one PC... and I want to use the virtual cockpit as well, I was thinking, if the display was spread through a row of monitors, I can use my diy trackir to move through the lest set of monitors, while the copilot can indipendantly move trough his set of monitors through trackir as well... is this possible? Many thanks to il88pp for giving me great suggestions!
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