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Performance with multiple monitors


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Hi All,


I am starting out to build myself a Embraer Phenom 300 cockpit. I plan to

eventually have 4 monitors for outside views and two 10" monitors to

run the MFD + PFD. However, for starters I plan to have just two 24"

outside view monitors and the 2 x 10" monitors for the instruments.


Here is my question.....Will I notice my degradation in frame rates if

I initially setup with two PC's networked. The first PC (my existing i5

PC running at 3.4Ghz) and a new PCP not yet bought.


The plan is to Run FSX,1 outside view monitor+ 1 instrument monitor on my master PC

and on the second PC 1 outside view monitor + 1 instrument monitor.


Also what spec will the new slave PC need to be bearing in mind it will not be

running FSX.




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Greetings Stinger,


In my cockpit I'm running 4 monitors for instruments and a projector via Wideview on a separate PC for the outside view. My frame rates on the 4 monitor PC generally runs in the low to mid 20s in FSX which seems to satisfy Wideview quite well. All my scenery sliders on the Wideview PC are maxed out or nearly maxed out and almost always glass smooth except on approach to some larger airports. You can expect a frame drop for every window you open in FSX. The setup you are suggesting is rather atypical and I'd reconsider dedicating your master PC to instruments and your slave PC to outside views. Just a thought. Good luck.

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