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EzDok only working when alt-tabbed


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I've got an issue with EzDok, where when im in P3D none of my keyboard commands work for EzDok (i.e W, S, D, A, PgUp, PgDwn, etc) however when i Alt tab out of the sim, and press a key which didn't work when i was in the actual sim, it works and i can hear ezdok changing the views and moving around, etc.


This is really strange as this has been happening ever since i upgraded to Windows 10.


I can hear EzDok clicking about doing its thing when I'm alt-tabbed whilst my sim is running, i can also see thats its moving if i only have my internet browser covering the top half of the screen for example so i can see into the sim but when i go to click onto the sim to be in full screen, it stops working.


Any support on this issue would be amazing, thanks! :D

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