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Hurray for Contact Spray. Saved my Logitech 3D.


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Some of the buttons on my logitech 3d extreme stopped working. Well, not completely, but I had to press them hard several times to get them to function.


I sprayed a bit of contact spray in each one. Just a bit in the corner of each button. No taking apart or anything.

Then pressed each button several times to get it to spread around in there.

And voila, all fixed. Now just a light tap is enough to make popups appear and so on.


Sprayed some into the hat switch too. Much better panning after that. Couldn't quite reach the trigger button. But that seems to work fine anyway.


Bought that one can of contact spray at least 6 years ago. Love that stuff. Saved so many appliances with just a few drops. I think that can only cost about 7 dollars! Really worth getting.


Happy flights,


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