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Do you have a saved flight for testing new addon aircraft?


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To test my new downloaded aircraft, any mods I may have made to the panel and/or ATC call entries, Navaids work and AP entries in the aircraft.cfg, I have a saved flight starting from KORD--O'Hare Intl with the default C172-- at 12 noon,summer, clear weather, rwy 32L.


It is named "1 KORD dep 12 noon.FLT", so it is at the top of my saved flights list.


I have saved the same flight but cold and dark (same a/c etc)--so as to test engine starts and their related actions.


It is named "1 KORD dep 12 noon COLD-DARK.FLT".


I take off and I can fly to Palwaukee Mun, Meigs, Gary, Midway or even back to KORD to test the plane, landing it etc, including ATC call entries that I usually modify, and any repaints I have downloaded or made myself.


Having used these 2 flights for a long time, I am very familiar with the area and its features and therefore do not waste time searching. An example of this is that to go to Midway, I know I must set the autopilot to heading 15, and Midway usually gives me runway 14L to land on.


Do you have such a flight you always use?



Athens, Greece

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Yes - you can get as extreme as you like with this notion, too.

If I know I'm going to do multiple sim starts and exits while examining some or other bit or piece:


  • Aircraft folder gets renamed and swapped out with one containing just the stock C182 (used for the default flight) and whatever is of interest.
  • Scenery/world/scenery is swapped out with one containing no traffic files
  • scenery.cfg goes, replaced by bog standard one with one addon, my testing ground in the middle of Nowhere.


When last did you see FS9 restart in under 10 seconds :)

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