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Add-0n Issue: VFR Photographic Scenery Gen X Scotland Central Vol 7


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Hi guys,

unsure if this topic should be in another section so mods feel free to move to the correct place...


I've had VFR Photographic scenery for some time now and had no issues with it while working Windows 7. After the move to Windows 10 though I experienced a problem only with Volume 7 for central Scotland. The remaining volumes installed without a hitch.

The problem comes when inserting the CD. Unlike the other volumes there is no autorun option, and I'm struggling to find a manual method of installation or activating the auto install that works. I've tried getting in touch with the publishers etc. but received no response.


Has anyone else had similar issues with Win10 or know of a way to rectify the problem?





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I can't help much because I haven't got Central Scotland, and I'm Win 8.1, but I did a spot of googling and found this 3-year old review by somebody who had trouble installing it with Win 7, see if you can pick up some clues which might also work with Win 10-


"Well, as some people had their copy of Central Scotland quite a while before I received my copy, I was daunted by the reports being bantered around the forums about problems whilst trying to install the five dual layered DVDs.


I inserted Disc 1, waited, waited a bit longer, nothing, except the continuous whirr of the drive searching for what seemed an eternity. I took the disc out, cleaned it, cleaned the drive's lens and started again. Nothing but the repeat of the previous performance. I might add here that I have an Optiarc Litescribe DVD rewriter. I thought that as Volume 7 Central Scotland is supplied on dual layered DVDs, this might be the problem, so I swapped out my new Litescribe DVD rewriter for an older DVD drive.


Success! I put Disc 1 in the drive and it searched for a while, maybe 30 or 40 seconds, but then the action kicked in and I was now in the throes of installation. Once under way, it took only 67 minutes from start to finish. I thought this was miraculous compared to some saying that theirs took several hours to install. So now I have a fully installed Volume 7, Central Scotland."


LINK TO FULL ARTICLE- http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/bri/vfr7/vfr7.htm

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