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Anyone reading should sign up for one of Colonel Doug Champagne's streams/flights. I just finished watching one

and it was amazing. So much great info, I was really just captivated by the conversation for an hour. He is an ex

USAF F-16 and A-10A/C pilot.


Two more flights on soon:


Go to:






click on Schedule, and then click on the Special Events and look for


F-16 with Colonel Douglas S. Champagne


Combat flights by USAF hero fighter pilot, Col. Doug Champagne. Join Doug "Bubbles" Champagne as he puts the F-16

through its paces.



There are also flights with ex pilots of the Concorde, in the Concorde, and flights in to Lukla. You need to buy

these for $10 for access to the streams, but it is well worth it, as it is all going to 3 kid's charities.


All the regular streams are pretty entertaining too, with lots of prizes and auctions, such as the A2A and ORBX

ones. Just check the live stream on the Flight Angels website and then open that in youtube. From the youtube

page you can just type in the chat box or just watch and listen.



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