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Gibraltar mesh?


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Welcome to the forums.


Take a look at the following link - https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=50273621.


Not sure what LOD they are and the files include a lot more than Gib (most of Europe in fact) but most of the freeware FSX Gib files available that I am aware of, recommend them within their readme file. AFAIK there isn't any Gib only mesh available as freeware.


FTR I use a payware product (by Aerosoft - see http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=10194) - something worth considering if you are planning on making regular 'flights' to Gib.




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ower (down) in the Scenery Library means it's loaded first. In the above example, Terrain, at priority 14 is lowest in the datastream, and is loaded first. Succeeding layers are loaded on top of it.


Scenery with Priority 1 will be loaded last, on top of all the other scenery, and will display over underlying layers. Itwill always show over what is underneath.


Because the new masks and mesh are terrain, they should be as low as possible. You want LOD7 below LOD8 mesh, so it is loaded before the LOD8.


All that said, the sim should be able to sort out the mesh, as it will display LOD8 when in range to display it, regardless the Scenery Library position.


It's more important that the watermasks are as low as possible, because better masking may become available, and that you would want loaded later in the datastream. For example, some may want to use Sander De Coq's European data on top of my mesh set, and that means it needs to be higher in the Scenery Library position, with the lower priority number.


The Scenery Library display is like a layer cake with the #1 priority on top of the other layers. Larger priority number means lower position and loaded earlier. #1 is always loaded last, and is always displayed.


The FS2002 Terrain SDK describes the datastream concerning LWM and VTP BGLs... the watermasks are LWM.


(Within a folder, the datastream is alphanumeric in order, which is why excludes usually need an odd name to insure they load first and delete the old data, with the new data loaded after them.)

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