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Fs9 Move Win.7 to Win10


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The move for the most part went well with only a few tweaks required. One issue I cannot resolve is the requirement to disconnect/connect the CH pedal USB cable after restarting my computer in order for the pedals to function. I have searched many dozens of pages on the transition process without success. Suggestions would be much appreciated.



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Hmm, that's weird. I would expect it after a "go to sleep", but not after a real shutdown.


I see Win10. Not sure about this, but here goes,

A while ago I was working on a Win10 computer. A laptop.

I got the impression it wasn't fully shutting down, even after clicking "shutdown".

I got suspicious, because I never heard a Bios beep at startup, and I couldn't get into the BIOS.

It turned out that to get to the BIOS, you had to go through a different shutdown procedure.

The same menu's that offer "restore to restore point". But of course don't choose that one.


Instead it was something like "Advanced Settings".


Once I got into BIOS, I saw an option called "Fast Startup" was enabled.

I disabled that,but it didn't work.

Because I let it start, I rebooted, and again there was no option to get into BIOS.

After getting back in BIOS the long way round, I saw... Fast Startup had re-enabled itself!!


Finally I did some googling, and foundd that there is also a "Fast Startup" option in Win10 itself.


I didabled that. That worked.

Now when cold booting the Laptop you heard the familiar "Beeeep, press Delete to enter SETUP"


Felt a lot more at ease after that.

Fianally felt like the Laptop was really shutting down/powering down, after that.


Not sure if that helps you. But maybe try disabling "Fast Startup" in Windows10.

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