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How do I post images?


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Taking screenshots with the -V- key in FSX saves the files as bitmap files (xxxxxx.bmp).


.bmp files can not be uploaded to the server.


They will have to be JPEG image files (xxxxxx.jpg) to be able to upload them.

1 Option:

You can convert .bmp files to .jpg files.

Open file xxxxxx.bmp with paint. (paint is a simple drawing program included in windows)

click file - save as

in the file type box select jpeg/jpg

(leave the file name the same)

click ok.

a new file is now created, xxxxxx.jpg


Option 2:

Use the free program 'Snapper'. http://Http://Www.michielovertoom.com/software/snapper

A utility that takes screenshots, and stores them in any folder you want. It saves the files directly in .jpg format. Snapper can even print the fsx location on the screenshot!

It is not a fsx utility per se, it will take screenshots of any program you want. Very usefull.




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Option #5- If you are using Win 7 or 8 you have the Snipping Tool available.


It will save in JPEG format at a file size acceptable to the forum software.



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