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Reality GPS not controlling HSI


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Well I know that this simulator has been out of production for a long time but I still use it because I have spent a lot of money on add on stuff that I like use. One of the most recent additions was the Reality 430 GPS. I got it installed without much trouble but I found out that it will not control the HSI on a few of the planes that I have installed such as the Carenado Cessna 210 and Cessna 337. The GPS functions just like it should with the Reality GPS controlling com/nav 1 radio frequencies including the source for eather VLOC/GPS of the GPS but the CDI will simply not follow the flight plan of the Reality GPS. I have tried several times to use the GPS configuration tool and I even reinstalled the aircraft in question but it still will not work.


One thing that is interesting is that I have other aircraft from Caenado that are older that I have no problem at all using the GPS.

If anyone has the same aircraft and had this problem and fixed it I like to hear what you did to fix it. I emailed Carenado about it and they said they where working on a fix for their aircraft but the patch will only be for FSX/P3D.

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