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An Oddity in Florida/Deleware Airport Selection


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The interactions of FS continue to amaze me. I sampled the FreeFlow Florida scenery, apparently loaded it correctly, but seemingly screwed up the airport selection while doing so. (?) I have since uninstalled it.

In Airport Selection, both after installation and now with uninstallation, when I enter U.S. and then specify State, I get all the correct choices except Florida and Delaware. Clicking on either of these defaults to whatever state was previously chosen.

No big deal. But I'm curious what's screwing up the default listings.

Thanks for helping this "old timer" with a reinstallation of FS9.

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You didn't mention HOW you un-installed the scenery. :pilot:


With many add-on scenery folders, you can just hi-lite and delete the folder and things go back to the way they were. With some add-on scenery folders, however, its possible your scenery database config files were over-written during install. This usually happens if the add-on scenery corrects things like runway placement or adds new runways.


Its usually best to un-install add-on scenery using the World/Scenery Layer manager in FS. This avoids corrupting the the SCENERY.CFG files in FS in most cases. You may also want to keep back-up copies of your config files outside FS, in case things go awry. :o

You could try doing a re-install of the scenery that caused the problem then un-install it using the FS scenery manager. Sometimes this works.


One thing you could try is a re-install of FS. Don't delete anything that's already installed, just run the install off the main CD again. That should generate a "stock" scenery config again without losing any installed aircraft, etc.


The other thing you could do you already mentioned. Just live with it. :pilot: Sometimes its just better to say "Well, I wasn't going there anymore, anyway". :rolleyes:

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FREEFlow installation requires disabling some default files.


It sounds like you disabled the default files and never activated the FF files.


I suggest you retrace the FF install steps.



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