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X-Plane.org Attitude


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I've been a member of X-Plane and .org for about 5/6 (ish) years and overall I enjoy it. But what is with the harshness and attitude of the moderators on the forums? I've always noticed it when I first joined so I stopped posting in their forums whenever I needed help and just looked elsewhere.


But today took the biscuit. I posted two screenshots in their "What a/c did you fly today thread" and I mistakenly uploaded the wrong images to it and it resulted in a week long ban :confused::confused:


There's zero mention of any sort of ban in the thread rules (from what I can see) and I really think a week is extremely harsh for something so easily done. Has anyone ever got a reason into why moderators are so hard on the users there? The website claims to be "friendly" but I've yet to see it from the mods (Yes, not all mods are like what I'm describing).

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Screenshot violations generally result in just a verbal warning. However, you have a warn record as long as your arm, mostly from a slow learning curve regarding the screenshot size limits but also a deliberate attempt to circumvent the forum's bad language filter. Accumulated points result in progressively stiffer penalties. All of these warnings (except today's) are from several years ago. These days most warn points are automatically aged out over a couple months, but that mechanism post-dates your earlier warnings.


I can age out some of the old warn points, but please remember that the image size limits are there in deference to some users' bandwidth limitations, and friendliness cuts both ways.


- Andy

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