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SweetFx/Win7 Ultimate/DX11 - Just can't get it to work


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I recently started using two different texture enhancement packages. One by Howard, called TNW, and one by Sascha called EVO.

They each have their strengths, and commend the authors for their accomplishments. My goal is to enhance the environments further, using SweetFX.


I have since been trying to get SweetFX installed and working, with disastrous results.

The main issue is, after installing all the files in the root FS9 folder, and adding the SweetFX folder to the root, FS9 fails on start-up stating it can't find DX9, and to reload it.

I am running on DX11, and also have the DX9 run time libraries, etc.

When I remove the "d3d9.dll" file from the root, FS9 will start as expected, but I have no effects from SweetFX.

Put it back, FS9 won't launch, spitting the DX9 error up.


I have spent 3 days reading posts on numerous forums, tried different versions of SweetFX - with, and without the Shader package/installer (When trying with Shader, it throws up a failed to execute something or another, when starting a saved flight. Not sure why the failure, but the errors stay on the screen even though the flight loads ok. Whole 'nutha story!)


I'm reaching out to any experienced user of SweetFX, who also uses Win7 & DX11, who may have had my issue, but found the magic to get it working. I'd love to play around with it, and aspire to achieve some of the magnificent visual effects that can be had, when using it properly.


Thanks very much to all who respond, it's very much appreciated.


Neil :cool:

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