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FSX and Macbook Pro: Bootcamp vs Parallels? Win 8 or 10?


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Have been using FSX on my MBP (via Win 7/64 on Bootcamp) since 2009. FSX worked just fine. However, the old hard drive died last week so I replaced my laptop with the newest 2016 MBP (with El Capitan).

1. I have heard that Bootcamp no longer supports Win 7. True? If so, I'm bummed.

2. Is it possible that I could use Win 7 on Parallels (not that I want to)? Any thoughts??

3. If I have to update my Win OS to stay on Bootcamp, should I try 8 or 10? Which one seems friendliest to FSX?

Any experiences out there that could shed some light?


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FSX:SE on Windows 10 using Bootcamp works great on MacBook Pro (and also on iMac).


I recently made a dual-boot system by having Windows 10 installed on an external SSD. The performance is not bad but advantage is FSX does not take up any space on my internal hard drive.




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