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Is there a way to do this?


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Hi All:

I presently have win 10 and FSX installed on a 480 gb SSD which is drive c. I put another ssd into my pc and want to transfer FSX to it without completely reinstalling it. I know if the drive wasn't the c drive it could be done. I can reinstall FSX and all my add-ons but I'm not sure it is worth it. I presently am running an MSI Z170A Pro motherboard with an i7 skylake 6700k processor, an msi GTX 970 video card with 4 gb ddr5 vram and 16 gb ddr4 system ram running at 2400. The processor is running at 4.4 Ghz. Generally I'm ok with the way things are but I keep reading in various forums that if you have 2 ssd's win 10 should be on one and FSX on the other. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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What you have read is only true for mechanical harddisks. HDD's.


Several experts tested all the different combinations. With Ssd's there is no difference between separate ssd's or all on the same drive.

With the old fashioned HDD's there was a significant difference.


I don't remember the result of one mech drive and one ssd combination. Would have to look that up.


Anyway, don't make changes. Just leave it as it is.

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