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SLI or Not!

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Good Day Fellow Builders,


I have a question regarding SLI which I am not familiar with at all.

I am currently running P3D v3.3.5 AND FSX. I have three (3) GTX980 video cards each running a 50"-4K TV. The graphics are quite good, better in P3D but not as good as I think I can get it to be.

My question is: If I place an SLI bridge across all 3 video cards and use only 1 50" TV, will that increase the graphics in either FSX or P#D or both?

I am getting mixed messages from different people and figured I would appeal to the Experts!

Any comments?

Thank you so much

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I'm no expert. Have only one card myself.


What I saw here on the forum is that everyone says sli/crossfire brings no benefit in fsx. Can even cause issues.


The only people I saw that said they use 2 cards use 6 monitors. They just need extra connectors.

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