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New Flight Sim Computer - Thinking to do FSX-SE Stand Alone


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I have a new i5 based computer coming to upgrade my flight sim setup. I plan to use a standalone install of FSX-SE. I wanted to see if anyone is aware of any compatibility or install issues with my addons:


Orbx FTX Global and Scotland


Active Sky Next

Rex Soft Clouds

Payware FSUIPC

Aerosoft Airbus A318/319 and A320/321

CaptainSim 707

CaptainSim 727

CaptainSim 737

CaptainSim 777

CaptainSim L1011

Coolsky DC-9




QuailityWings 757

QualityWings BAe-146/Avro


Feelthere ERJ-135/145

Majestic Q400

All of Dave Maltby's freeware jets (Trident, BAC-111, Comet, VC-10)


I think that's it.


Also any other tips / caveats / jeers / encouragement would be welcome!


I am going to be running under Win 7-64 Pro.


I do own FSX-Boxed and Acceleration disks, but I'd like to go with Steam going forward.

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Your i5 is not going to be able to run all that.


My 2009 vintage Dell Inspiron with a Pentium E6700 @3.2Ghz and an ATI middle of the road graphics card does it fine. Not with sliders all to the right, but not all left either. I have some features disabled in UTX and use the meduim textures for it. ASN is tweaked a bit and certainly not maxed out. Really the only time I get a slide show is when I run the CS 777 at a big detailed airport with a bit of weather.


I do have a couple of things tweaked in my CFG file, and I have frames locked at 20.


I am expecting this new system to be able to do more, but not expecting maxed out everything!

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So I spent the 3-day weekend putting the OS and FSX-SE and my addons on the new PC.


It was, as usual, a pain in the neck! But I am VERY pleased with the results. So far, the only addon that has issues is the PMDG JS4100, and they have stated that a fix will be coming for that when they are done with the new 747.


The new system rocks! I am running with almost all sliders max, except for I have max texture set to 30cm (and my UTX USA are set to 30cm also). I don't run lens flare or light bloom because I don't really like the effects.


Running with frames locked at 40. The CS 777 dips into the mid to low 30s occasionally in clouds, but the old system used to be a slide show with that plane in anything but clear weather and rural areas. NYC was a no go with that plane before!


The one thing I had to do with the PMDG NGX at JFK was turn off scenery ground shadows. That made a huge difference. It was a little choppy on takeoff with shadows on. Smooth as silk with them off.


The only changes I made to the .cfg file were WideViewAspect and Highmemfix.


I am not a big frame-rate watcher--I just want smooth performance. I can't get over how smooth it is running. Really nice.

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