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VEAO: P-40F KittyHawk


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From VEAO FB, new P-40F update and pics:



The fine tuning that goes into getting the bombs and tank to sit right in the racks is insane. Been at it for 3 hours now. Rotate a little bit here, move in a tad there, down a tad there....


Export the model, load DCS, Open mission and see how it is.


Back to Max, tweak some more...rinse and repeat.


All for you lot to then go and drop the darn things off the racks!!!


Note: I stopped the engine during flight so I could see more clearly the positions.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the details of what we go through making a module.






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More updates by VEAO FB about P-40F.



And for my next work task; get the auto-start and auto-stop sequences coded - Check :)

It's so clever what you can do with DCS and these macro sequences and training tools.

Ah yeah...next task; training missions.


No rest for the wicked....




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