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Editing FS9 ADE AFCADs with AFCAD2


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Could someone kindly remind me what data is lost if I do that? (I seem to recall taxiway signs (?), but NAV aids too?). I know I am probably in a minority, but I have a complex AFCAD to edit, it's going to take hours, and I find the AFCAD2 interface just so much 'cleaner' and easier to use than ADE, which seems very 'clunky' in comparison. ADE also seems to indicate errors which are not - unconnected nodes mostly, which when I drag them about with the mouse seem perfectly well connected up to me.


If I edit an ADE AFCAD with AFCAD2, can I add any lost data in ADE manually, afterwards? What exactly would I need to add. To be honest, I don't see me getting this amount of editing (rubbish AFCAD supplied with payware scenery) done in ADE at all, so I am willing to make a few sacrifices!


(How do I get ADE to stop marking aprons with a black outline when I hover the mouse over one, BTW - it's really off-putting to have this unsteady visual image. I can't find an option for this).



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Its a long list but you mention signs, also any scenery objects such as buildings and so on. Approach code would be lost. There are also issues with the way that ILS are handled. Then there are things like custom ground polys but you are probably not interested in those


You can easily turn off Apron Outlines. Go to the Settings Menu and uncheck Show Apron outlines

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