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Boeing 737-400


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Hey guys!


So I have started doing YouTube showcases where I takeoff and land aircraft over different airports, this time using a Boeing 737-400 at Gatwick.



In it, I use the default model, ported over from FS9 that at the end gives me the lowest quality cockpit and aircraft model ever imagined! [emoji23]


Question is, does anyone know a good Boeing 737-400 for FSX for sale or in development which will not destroy a wallet?


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The only real 737 Classic payware is the Wilco 737.


However, QualityWings are currently developing a 737CL series too, and they're way better, so you might want to wait, though it could take a long while.


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I'd personally steer clear of the Wilco 737. The VC textures look like somebody threw cream pie all over the cockpit and the exterior looks like a 13-yo modeled it.


And yes, QW (used to be Enigmasim) -is- working on a 737CL, but it's been in development long enough for homo sapiens to evolve to another form and by the time it's finished we don't even know if Earth will still exist.


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