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Advice - Getting back into FSX, will this set up suffice?

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Hi folks,


Looking for some help and advice.


As I’m getting on a bit, I’m getting more free time to myself and I’m looking at getting back into the cockpit a bit more.

Presently I’m not really making any use of FSX that’s installed on my current system as it’s pretty out dated but I’ve been looking about at a PC set up of the following and I’m wondering if its ok for an occasional arm chair flyer?


Add ons

Active Sky



Custom build.

Chip - I7 6700 3.4GHz 8MB


GPU – Nvidia GTX960 2GB

SSD- 258gb

HD – 500GB


Also, this will be switch from Win 7 to Win 10. I take it FSX will work ok with it or is it possible to copy n paste the FSX folder from my C drive over onto the new rig, or is that too easy?


Thanks in advance.

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