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Flight Sim Community Encouragement


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Flight Sim Community Encouragement


The future of the flightsim pastime we love so much is in our own hands, so says author Paul Mort. He suggests that you don't take a back seat and leave it to other people to make their contribution. Encourage scenery and object makers by giving them constructive feedback. And finally, please participate by having a profile so we get to know you.




You'll find Paul's article here:




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That's awesome! ;)

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Yes. Great post. :pilot:

Thx Dom for pointing it out.


I think the problem is complex.

What I think I can do to stimulate the simulator crowd is to be more involved in the community. But I feel kind of out of inspiration when it comes to how exactly I want to do that. I feel forum participation, alone, is not going to cut it. The people that just download and never contribute also never shop up at forums. In general that is.


And I absolutely feel the crowd has changed. I get comments regularly, just doing another request. One more complex than the other. Which, I understand, on one hand. But on the other... I just spent many hours in building a scenery. And the first thing I get is "nice, but, do this pls". That just irritates me. Maybe it shouldn't. But I have a hunch I'm far from the only one in this boat.


I'm not sure if they don't realise that it is easy, but it takes time to develop.

What is it that keeps people from creating new material? Is it the modern distractions of all other media devices and services? Or are people spoiled in general?

Or, I hope, it's just that they need an extra push.


I'm just guessing here. I could be totally wrong.


But I feel motivated to be part of something that will glue a fractured, diffuse, community into something more beautiful.


If anyone else has more food for thought. Please jump in. :cool:

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