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Addon Aircraft Repaint Issue


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I'm trying to repaint part of the vertical stabilizer of an add-on aircraft. I want to repaint the black stenciled letters 'AZ' (for Arizona) to TN (for Tennessee) on a KC767 (file name: SSPKC767usafFSX.zip). I researched a bit on how to do this as I have never attempted repainting any FS aircraft before. I downloaded the program DXTBmp; followed the directions; made the changes in Photoshop CS3; then saved it as instructed. When I view the changes in Photoshop or DXTBmp, the repaint looks good with the letters 'TN'. But after installing the changes on the aircraft file, when I open the aircraft in FSX the vertical stabilizer and tail section of the fuselage are painted solid black. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for any assistance with this.



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