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Can't install FS x in windows 10


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Like so many others I cannot install the Microsoft FSx de lux version on my computer. In my case even the initial install wizard never completes it work and shuts down half way through even before allowing the main install to commence.


I did close down the AV and firewall beforehand, but reading many owner's comments it seems that the recent windows 10 up dates have caused all sorts of problems with simulators since they were updated by Windows.


I am running a 1 TB drive with over 800 GB spare, 8 GB RAM the drivers have been checked and windows says I am up to date with the drivers,. and an intel ® core TM i3-3220 CPU so it should manage OK


Previously I had run this program before on this computer when on Widows 7 and the earlier versions of windows 10, never too successfully as the controls never seemed to be fully in control and probably needed tweaking but the various flights, missions etc..could be flown


Now I can't even install it on the same computer.


Just to check I did drag out my previous computer with XP installed on which flights simulators 2002, 2004, Combat Europe had all worked well although FS x did struggle a bit but they did work. So to check I re installed Combat Europe and FSx as a trial and they both installed without problems, so the programs themselves cannot be at fault.


Does anyone else have this problem with Windows 10 and FS x or better still have had it and cured it please.

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I have installed FSX a couple of more times than I like on Windows 10. No problem at all, so I can't really see what should be going wrong for you. I use AVG Pro antivirus and it has been on through all the installations without any interference.


Here's a couple of tips, though. Reboot your system before you begin installation, don't start anything else. Start the wizard, and fairly early on you should see an option on one of the screens if you want to do a custom installation. Select that option, and then point the wizard to install to something like C:\FSX. This takes you and FSX outside User Account Control, and is a good thing to do in any case when you want to install add-ons later.


If this also fails, then I would try to uninstall some of all the apps that Win 10 tries to stuff up your nose - Cortana is one! Also you might want to get something like Ccleaner to stop some things from running at startup, but it's very difficult to advise you here since all systems are so different.


Let us know how it goes.


Good luck - Jorgen

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