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Saitek Radio Panel


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I have a Saitek Radio Panel, a Switchpanel and the Multipanel. All working perfectly with SPADneXt/FSUICP.

But something strange happens with the Radiopanel that I cant explain.


All three panels are connected to a powered USB HUB. The hub is connected to my desktop PC

With the desktop switched ON, none of the panels light up. They do however when I start up FSX/SPADneXt.

So far so good.

But when I switch my PC OFF, the digits on the radiopanel light up and show '00000' in all four displays.

Even disconnecting the USB HUB from the PC has no effect: the digits are still showing '00000'.


My knowledge off electronics is very pour and I just cannot understand why digits light up when power is off ?!

Does anyone have an explanation for this?

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If it's a powered hub, then after disconnecting the hub from the pc, he hub is still connected to mains power via it's charger. So it will still get power.


If you disconnect the radio panel from the hub, the lights will probably go out.

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I run the same panels as yourself but use the saitek default drivers etc.


On the odd occasion when i shut down my rig i also get the saitek panels still lite up. its literally once in able moon and for the life of me cannot explain the reason why


I simply restart the pc, power down and all ok. .as i Say just once in a blue moon. Guessing the chain link to the usb hub is lost now and then

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@il88pp: Well, I sure hope these 'slip of the brain' will not happen too often.... Thanks for your kind reply.


@Captain Vodka: Well, having the panel light up is more a kind of annoying and not a 'critical' issue. At least it was to me. Nevertheless I'm happy with il88pp's reply and having things working like they should.

BTW: I Googled for Saitek drivers or SPAD(neXt) and understood that many FSX-users have issues with Saitek. Others were very positive about SPAD and suggested it as a (better) alternative. I decided to use SPAD and I'm very happy with it. I understand you did not experience any problems using Saitek drivers?


@Clutch Cargo: I like your suggestion to use a kind of 'main switch' that will shut everything down. Thanks.


To all of you: thanks and greetings from the Netherlands.

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