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Disabling Thrustmaster T16000 LEDs

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Got back into flight simming after 10 year layoff. I bought a Thrustmaster T16000 as I had given away the two MS Force Feedback sticks I had. Generally, I'm happy with the Thrustmaster for the relatively simple GA aircraft I fly. But there are two annoying problems. The LEDs around the base of the stick and the heavy spring tension.


The LEDs arranged around the base of the stick show when the stick is off-center. No idea who thought it would be a good idea. It doesn't have any function in the sim world or the real world. When the ambient lighting is low, the LEDs are annoyingly bright. I took the base off so see what could be done. There are two things: disable them or dim them.

1. First, remove the 6 screws holding the base on. Set it aside.


2. To disable the LEDs simply snip the red wire on the center board which is right next to the Left/Right switch. No need to unscrew the board. Just cut the wire close to the solder joint.


3. To dim the LEDs, solder one end of a small carbon resistor to the cut end of the red wire and solder the other end to the pad that the red wire connected to. Start with about 100 ohms. Plug the joystick into your USB port (you can leave the base off), and test the brightness. If still too bright, try a larger value resistor. If too dim, try a smaller one. Keep the leads on the resistor short so it doesn't flop around. You can use a piece of shrink tubing over the resistor and red wire or just tape it in place somewhere. If you don't understand everything in this step, you probably shouldn't attempt it.


4. Install the base and you're done. If you ever change your mind, you can easily return the LED to their original function whatever it was.


Haven't worked on the spring tension problem yet. There might not be anything that can be done. I'll post something after I've played with it.



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