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Scenery Developers, help?


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This is my second try at asking for help. I have the Orbx CRM and PNW packages installed on FSX:SE, it's a great addon but there are some things I'd like to fix but don't know how to. When I purchased these products I was hoping that the Orbx team updated my home airport, KPSC, they did but not in the way I was hoping. KPSC is currently going through an "upgrade" some would say. The terminal is going to be larger with more gates. I was hoping for a person to help me develop an upgrade scenery for KPSC. I've included a PDF file for the "Master Plan" made back in May of 2012. Chapter five is where you'll find the improvements to the airfield itself. http://www.portofpasco.org/uploads/complete_set.reduced.pdf


I've also included a link to what the terminal itself should look like after construction


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