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invisible ai aircraft, but they fly like they should !!


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Hi, I think I on the way to get crazy. :confused:

I have installed several AI aircraft with flightplans in my FSX and they all work just fine, but now I have discovered that my MPAI_F-104G_Starfighters (RDAF,RNoAF and other countries) suddenly don´t show up to see physical, but they still start and fly after their flightplans, the only things I can see, is the nav. light and aircraft labels(chosen in FSX settings).

When I look in my Super Traffic Board V3.2, and chose view AI, the dispersal is shown empty.

I have already tested in AIFP (AI Flight Planner) under flightplan tried validate and under aircraft tried both validate/consolidate Aircraft list and check for missing Aircraft and textures and it reported back there were no problems at all, but why can´t I then see them ??:confused:

So now I hope, that someone can advice me here.:)


Danish flightsimmer

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