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[NEED Suggestion for RESEARCH] Video Content FlightSim


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Hello Everyone, after all these week i started making a video about flightsimming on youtube.., so i need some improvement that cant be achieve without your suggestion and critics, im sorry if my video was spoken in bahasa somehow you can look from another aspect..


this is some question that you can answer in comment below and you can improve the option with your statement about it,,


1. What is the most interesting content in flightsim world ?


  • Full Flight (it begin with preflight, takeoff, landing, in one single video)
  • Partial Flight (divide into a chapter of flying sequence preflight, taxi, takeoff, cruising, approach, landing)
  • Cinematic Montage (Video that only points for cinematic purpose)
  • Tutorial (Share some information and knowledge about aviation and simming)
  • Others(VLOG, 7Tips&Trick, BugSolving, Flightsim News, Trolling)





2. what is the ideal duration for flightsim video?


  • 1 - 3 minutes (Short Video)
  • 4 - 10 minutes (Youtube Standard)
  • 10-16 minutes (Long Video)
  • above 20 minutes




3. Choose the aspects that is important in flightsim bases on your opinion ? (Multiple choice, you can choose more that 1)

  • Vocal interaction(video creator talking and explaining)
  • Textual interaction (video creator note the activities with text)
  • HD video (good video quality ex 1080p++ and 60fps)
  • HD sound (eargasm and clear no noise)
  • Good Knowledge in Aviation (the degree of understanding in procedure of aviation)
  • Being a clown (humor aspect for entertain the viewer)




Ill appreciate your Suggestion and Critics, thank you very much.


This is is my link channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaNzBdnITvdzAUeXVfqMDBQ ;) ;)

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