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Electronic Flight Bag (the flight planner) Questions


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Which one? The Aivlasoft EFB?


If that's the one, here are a few answers.


a) Not in the classic sense, no. It calculates maps/charts "live", "on the fly" using your scenery and the AIRAC data.


b) No.


How does it work: the Aivlasoft EFB displays a live, moving map, compiled from your own scenery and the AIRAC. The map doesn't match the visual representation or information density of real world charts, but it matches what is in your sim (which might be even more important). You can plot your route/departure/approach directly on that map, and it will inform you visually of what is available (for example available STARs when you approach a runway from a certain direction - live, when you are already in descent...)


c) Doesn't tell anywhere on their website (or I can't find it). But one cycle of each provider is included.


d) Yes.

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