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Europe Virtual Charter | The New Kid On The Block!


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Following the Successful launch of Europe Virtual (europevirtual.co.uk) in January, we decided to spice things up a bit!


Europe Virtual Group brings you Europe Virtual Charter where you can fly one of our many aircraft for our ever expanding list of virtual customers! You will recieve awards for your service in the form of new aircraft from our rewards shop.


Advanced PIREP tracking via our custom ACARS software will tell you whether the customer is happy or sad with your flying and reviews from the passengers will follow! You get a bonus each time the customer is happy which you can spend in the shop as above.


Live Chat with Staff Members and a Teamspeak server tie the whole VIP Experience together!



Coming This Fall



PSST! Visit our other Virtual Airline, Europe Virtual, at http://www.europevirtual.co.uk !

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