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Cedar Key, FL Freeware Add-on


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I started working on a photoreal re-do a few weeks ago of KCDK and the small fishing town of Cedar Key, FL. See the link below for updated progress pics. I'll be re-doing the entire town and airport in the coming weeks! Custom buildings/homes/docks airport building/condos and even the high school and the town water tower! I'm just about finished with the tiles/autogen/Blending and will be posting Airport pics within the next few days.



This is a very fun airport to fly in and out of, being the shortest public runway in the state! Not to mention there is water 10 steps from both ends of the runway! Most real world pilots rank this as one of the most fun airports to visit. Check it out and let me know what you think.


- Lane Pulcini - LKP Designs




Also check out my main site at:



Lane Pulcini - LKP Designs - Freeware Flight Simulator Add-ons - http://lkpdesigns.org
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Here's my water mask :cool: all of 5 solid days to create this one. Every channel, Dock, River... all finished exactly like the real image. I've completed this airport too with lots of custom scenery. I keep it behind closed doors because it's only for myself.


Good luck with this one, It's a lot of work hehehe.





Some of the repaints I've created:


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