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Fleet painter required

Dahkar Airways

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Dahkar Airways requires a fleet painter for all of our FSX/P3D aircraft OR X-Plane 10 aircraft. If you can paint for one simulator and not the other it does not matter get in touch.


What we require is a painter that delivers their liveries in high quality, and should any payment need to be made im sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.


The livery is not complex but we will not share design images inside the forum. Please private message us as soon as possible if you can help.


Aircraft required:

> Boeing 757-200 RR (WL) for Qualitywings and Captainsim

X-Plane 10: (VMAX/FlightFactor 757)


> Airbus A320 CFM (SL) for Aerosoft A32X, Project Airbus and in future Flightsimlabs

X-Plane 10: (JARDesign A320)


> Airbus A330-243 for Blackbox

X-Plane 10: (JARDesign A330)(Completed, just need extra registrations)


(Please note, 757 and A320 aircraft have multiple registrations)

Public Relations Team

Enquiries: info@dahkarairways.com

Website: http://www.dahkarairways.com


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