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Looking for a B737-100 or 200 with Air California FS9

liner simpilot

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Hi to all simmers, I once had Air California B-737-100 or 200, I have most A/C backed up in case I ever need to download it back. I went to all my backup disc & external backup cannot find this. I looked it up under search B-737-100 200 with Air California & without. It cannot find, it is freeware as that is the only way I go. I was wondering if there is someone out there that might be able to please help me out. It was a repaint or completed plane not sure. Much appreciated. See pic of what the paint style was. Thanks, Kenny


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Thanks Darrell for your response to my post. I did what you suggested, see pic, I got "No search found". I originally did search B-737-100 Air California as think I did it that way along time ago & found it, now I want to find it again it is not found. I don't know if they remove files every so often I found it then now can't. Kenny

Air California B-737 search.jpg

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FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Jetliners

FS2004 Air California Boeing 737-200

[ Download | View ]


Name: boe737ac.zip

Size: 2,135,693 Date: 06-13-2007 Downloads: 807


FS2004 Air California Boeing 737-200, circa 1970. Model by Erick Cantu, FDE by Mike Baumann. Repainted by Michael Hostrup.



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