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Adding a new airport into GPS - How to?


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I created a fictitious "test" airport using AFCAD, then created the scenery for it using EZ-Scenery.

What steps do I need to take to add the airport ID where it's recognized in the GPS?


Thanks very much for any education provided. :)


Neil :cool:

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Thank you jgf, I appreciate that link, but not certain that is what I am after.

I know I accomplished this rather easily years back, when building out some float outposts, but can't remember the method.

I just want to see "CNSK" on the GPS map, for example, where I made the physical scenery, and created the AFCAD for "CNSK".

I used to have a few of these fictitious outposts when I flying out of Red Lake, years back; NK1/NK2/NK3....I can still see them in my GPS, so know I added them. Just can't remember how I did it.


Neil :cool:

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Try this:


Install ADE for FS9. Use File Open Direct from BGL. Navigate to your NK1 afcad that you created and open it.


It should open in airport mode showing runways and taxiways. Now click in the top right on approach view. You should see runways. If they are there then they will show on the GPS.


Repeat for your CNSK afcad. Look at the approach view. If the runways are there go back to the Airport view, File, Save the Airport (to an AD2 file to open if any corrections are needed), and then File/Compile to create the .bgl to replace your AF2_CNSK afcad file (rename it to AF2_CNSK.bgh to disable it). Start FS9 to index the scenery. Be sure you new CNSK bgl has priority in your folder.


See if that works.


It is the approach layer that shows in the GPS.


ADE has the advantage of creating an approach layer where any navaids are inserted. An ILS for example created with AFCAD will not show on the GPS nor be recognized by ai. ADE will place that ILS on the approach layer as well where it will now show on the GPS.


Can't hurt to try.



If you had no errors it should go quickly.

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Thanks a bunch, ronzie.

I'll give that a workout today, and let you know the results. :)


Neil :cool:



EDIT: ronzie, you said the magic word - RUNWAYS. The reason I did not see my newly created "CNSK", was because I never added a runway when in AFCAD. Once I added a runway, CNSK showed up as a GPS entry/destination airport.

We are back in business, thanks! :)

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