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FSX errors


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Since two weeks I noticed two (minor) errors in FSX.


1. The FSX tune doesn't work in the oepeningscreen. If I click somewehere in the openingscreen it starts.


2. and more important: loading a flight: the chosen flight doesn't appear on screen, so no possibilities to change something.

Th openingscreen is frozen and after quite a while the actual flight start to load. Flying is ok.


In Win10 logs/applications I see two errors everytime I start my pc/FSX.

FSX.EXE error


For your information I attached the 2 xml files from the win log. The content is way over my head.

Anybody has a solution?



The Netherlands


By the way it seemed impossible to upload a .doc or .pdf file twice got the message "invalid file, so I printed it, took a picture and uploaded the jpg file.


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Forgot one more error!!!


From the moment I had the two described errors I also had to start my GoFlight modules manually via the exe.file, up to now it always was a part of the startup of FSX.

I saw a message with something like "data bridge open"

So three errors I can't explain at the same time.



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The first error you mentioned with the background music not playing when you are not focused on the window is normal and is the same way with everyone else. As for the second issue, Im a little confused on what you mean. When you say "chosen flight", do you mean the flight PLAN you loaded is not appearing on the free flight menu? Or the airport you chose is not appearing on the free flight menu?

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Sorry Ill try to explain a little more.

The background music Always played as soon as the openingscreen was there, and I could switch it on/off with the loudspeakerbutton in the upper right hand corner.Now I have to click anywhere in the openingscreen.

The chosen flihgt is one of my free flights I have saved. Normally I selected a free flight that would appear so one could change the time/runway whatsoever before hitting the fly button. Now the chosen free flight doesn't show, the default flight/openingscreen hangs and then the actual loading of the free flight starts.


I have the feeling it somehow has to do with the third error I added later. My GOFLIGHT modules won't autostarup, I have to do it manually by clicking the .exe file. There was a warnnig message about "the data bridge beiing open".

Hope this helps.


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