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Baffled By Texture Loading Issue

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I am having a problem with both aircraft and scenery textures loading.


I have most Orbx regions and add on airports installed, and when I fly from, say Friday Harbor to Anacortes by halfway there the ground textures are struggling to load, the gauges on my Alabeo or even old Carenado Bonanza go "white", my propellor or landing lights become black squares and disappear, All sorts of very bad, ugly things texture wise.


This was with a new Dell 8900 with i7-6700 4.0 Ghz, 16 GB of Ram, and a GTX 745 graphics card.


"your graphics card is too slow" was the advice on the Orbx forums, which made sense, so I bought a GTX 960 and installed it.


When the textur s load things now look amazing - except that the whole issue of textures gradually not loading actually stayed the same, maybe got worse.


What on earth is going on here?


Even my ancient $400 HP AMD 2.3Ghz with onboard graphics can load textures in these areas (lower FPS and resolution though).


My graphics settings are autogen "normal" and I'm using no "tweaks" to the .cfg.





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I would check two things:


1. HDD performance. Make sure that your HDD is working like it should, check the SMART parameters and look for general load on the drive. If it is constantly churning while you a running your sim, there may be an issue with corrupted sectors and frequent tries on part of the HDD to re-read them.


2. Memory. Run a few tests on your RAM, check if there is a faulty stick somewhere. If Windows should decide to swap the memory to disk because of a perceived constraint, things really slow down.


Are there other background processes (like an AntiVirus scan) that might be running at that time? What happens if you pause the sim at that point? Did you tweak your simulator's cfg files?

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