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Simple Keyboard Emulator


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Hi all,


I am interested in making a Simple Keyboard Emulator, a set of 8 switches or so that can be programmable for cockpit function, i have bought a Arduino card but that seem to not be working correctly.


I was just posting if anyone had any good tutorials, most are complex for 737 Overheads etc, but i was just looking for something simple if anyone could help me out?


Kind Regards,



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If all you need to do is connect buttons, switches and encoders, look into this by Leo Bodnar. It is easy and works very well.


If you need joystick (axes) input also get the BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board.






My first SIM was a Link Trainer. My last was a T-6 II

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Hello joergenvs,


if you want to use an Arduino, take the Mega 2650. Then take a look on this site:

http://www.jimspage.co.nz/arduino_keys_beta.htm. It's a free software to program the card, from a flight sim enthusiast living in new zealand.


That's what I'm using. There are more complex projects on his side for the FS2004 and FSX specially too, but I'm not flying only the MSFS, so I have to use something that is more universal and sents only simple keystrokes for the switches.


You can connect 66 functions to one Arduino. Buttons, Rotary Switches, Switches. All is illustrated at the webpage. No panic, it's not complicated. You don't have to be a electrical engineer to built it, cause I've done it, too :D


Many thanks to Jim for his outstanding work!


Regards Sven

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I stumbled into this thread completely at random, but if you need lots of simple inputs (momentary) to keyboard, it gets no easier than the https://www.ultimarc.com/ipac1.html which is used for arcade controls (joysticks and buttons mostly)


but gets you 56 inputs or 32 depending on config. Less versatile than the arduino, but a lot simpler.

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