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Reshade Assistant Issues with FSX on Windows 7-64 Bit

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Hi guys.....I got fed up of the dull colours and contrast that the default fsx environment had so I downloaded and started using reshade assistant 2.0.3. Earlier when I had a 32-bit version of Windows 7 home basic, Everything worked perfectly alright. After upgrading to a 64-bit version, when I started using reshade, these are the problems that occurred.


1. This is more important than reshade. I am not being able to disable the read only attribute of any folders. I open the properties and remove the attribute, It does do everything like it should. Moments later when I open the properties of the same folder, the read-only is still on. That might be the root of all other problems. So please help me with that.


2. Once I set-up my FSX profile in Reshade and then open the game...the game shuts down with a message of 'Fatal Error occurred' at the Loading Splashscreen. After deleting that profile, the works fine.


3. I copied the Reshade.fx file in the FSX root folder just as the instructions suggested along with the reshade32.dll renamed to d3d9.dll. The reshade.fx is about 388 kb in size when it first gets transferred to the root folder. But after the game's CTD on loading, when I check the reshade.fx...it's size changes to 0 kb and there is a shortcut arrow displayed on the bottom left of the icon. Please help people!!!

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I found a different issue when using reshade. The nav log no longer showed in the flight planner.


I disabled reshade by renaming d3d9.dll to d3d9.dll.bak


something was changed in the shader folder in fsx folder as well, but I didn't touch that as I wasn't sure how. I'll get around to that some day.

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