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My name is Gerray and I have a situation with FSX and Win 10


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Greetings everybody,


I just recently changed my operating system from Win 7 to Win 10 and I now have issues with FSX. "I had selected an upgrade change and not a clean install of Win 10.


Here is a Brief summary:


- lost my SDK Tools at the top of screen next to help etc...

- whenever I do a change such as: change of scenery; change of aircraft; change of day or night & season

the changes all take effect but approx 30 seconds later a popup window appears saying that FSX has encountered an problem and needs to shutdown

Thanks for those who will reply to my post. Cheers



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1. Re-install the SDKs and the Tools will return.


2. Use one of the 2 Uiautomation.dlls to fix the FSX crash problem. Others have the links. You just put one of them in your FSX main folder.

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