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Strange beeping


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I bought the Flysimware Ercoupe 415 for P3D and as a whole I am happy with it. I have not flown an Ercoupe but it is about what I expected it to be, slow, stable and easy to fly. You have to turn on auto-rudder with it because an Ercoupe had no rudder pedals, the rudders being physically linked to the ailerons. It was supposed to be spin proof and stall resistant and it is true on both of these.


I however have a problem with it. Sometimes there is a beeping, sounding kind of like a nav-aid id code on a real airplane. The Ercoupe has no Nav radio so that does not make sense though. I have never heard it before in FS2000, 2002, 2004 or PD3. It is impossible to get rid of without turning off the avionics master. I emailed them and they said they would check into it and get back to me. Shortly before I downloaded it they removed the Nav radio and replaced it with a 2nd Com since an Ercoupe would be unlikely to have VOR navigation.


Now however I have ran into the same problem with a plane in FS9. I downloaded the free version from FSpilotshop CLS Piper Arrow. They are giving it away so of course there is no technical support. Two different planes on different simulators from different companies. Any ideas how I might fix this would be appreciated. I am suspecting a defective gauge but I do not have a clue how to fix that problem. Any idea what could cause this?


By the way, The CLS Arrow for FSX will not work right on P3D. No sound and non working gauges.



Jeffery Sitz

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Ok, got it figured out somewhat. I have never had many payware planes so I just never had an ident function on the radio before. On the Piper I was able to turn it off.


The Ercoupe is another matter though since it does not have a Nav radio. I guess I will have to wait for Flysimware to straighten it out unless one of you might know what to look for in the panel.

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I believe there is a keyboard command to toggle the ident - don't have it handy but if you find it you can try to use that. Sometimes some a/c have the logic there even when the gauge is absent.



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The "problem" could be easily solved by the developers of the "Flysimware Ercoupe 415" by adding a simple initialization script to one of their XML gauges that will ensure that all audio panel ident parameters are forced "off" when the aircraft is loaded in the sim.

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A quick solution from Flysimware:


Since we swapped the nav for another com and there is no need for a nav radio anyways, we forgot to change the info in the aircraft.cfg

We will be creating a fix tonight on our update page!


If you want to fix it now, open the cfg in notepad and go to the section called "RADIOS" and under the nav section make it so it now says:


Nav.1=0, 0, 0

Nav.2=0, 0, 0


or delete this section!

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