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Back in October 2015, I purchased a new PC for flightsim.

Specs are:

-I7 4790K


-Zotac GTZ750Ti 2GB

- CIT 500W PSU



-Windows 7 Home Premium


After two months, I got white dots all over my screen while playing flight simulator, I returned my card and was told that it was faulty. I received a replacement a few weeks later and installed the card. On the original card, I was getting a decent amount of FPS with heavy scenery and addons. Even on integrated the performance was still pretty good, my replacement card is now giving me 20FPS less then what I was getting on the original card! I noticed in my FSX settings that under display device there was two entries for the GTX750Ti. A screenshot is attached with this post. I have so far tried reinstalling drivers numerous times and have also reinstalled the card into my PC. I have also deleted my FSX CFG to see if it would fix the problem but to no avail.


Link to screenshot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0G2CDGWJrt_Y1RaN3pkZFFxYzg




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