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Charter to Australia's northern tip.

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Firing up the PT6A-42's. Ready for an early morning flight from Cairns to Horn Island in the Torres Straight. The B200 KA is the aircraft of choice.



Another beautiful day in paradise!



North departure out of Cairns for a change.



North Queensland. Where the rainforest meets the reef!



On the airway north. Warm day - ISA +20 so ITT rising quickly.



And hitting the company climb/cruise ITT limit of 760. Torque back a little to stop going over the limit.



Cruise altitude reached! Nice TAS of around 270 in my Raisbeck modded B200.



Finally! The top of Australia and descent toward Horn Island.



And there IS the very northern point of Australia. Beautiful site!



Plenty of islands to distract from the task at hand!


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Awesome shots of the King Air. Love them all!

JOE- Asus P8Z68- V Pro; CPU: Intel i7-2600K 3.4ghz OC'd 4.6Ghz,

8G Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-1600, EVGA 1080Ti 11G ACX Cooler

Samsung 500G OS drive, 3 WD 1T Raptor HDD

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Yep, not cool to swim where crocs also swim.


As for QLD in pics...


WATER.......EVO Textures

MOUNTAINS.....Aime Leclerq'a FSX freeware textures resized and renumbered painfully by myself to fit fs9.

FIELDS......some of Aimes FSX textures. Maybe some GePro. Maybe some VOZ and EVO. made myself a dryer....for the most part....Oz textures. Painful and probably not worth it. VOZ or GePro fit great and WAY easier to install. EVO is great for other seasons here and rest of world of course. But look a little green for summer in Australia.

CITES......VOZ I think. Maybe some default. Some GePro, some......lol Lol lol



Why do I bother? Hours of tweaking, resizing, renumbering, fixing Ctd's, stack hash errors, textures that don't fit the area.....etc etc etc.


Anyway, kinda good fun at times. :D

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